Artes Ita Paskua (Christmas 2017)

For more than a decade, the City of Vigan has been celebrating the Torch and Lantern Parade which came to be known as “Artes ita Paskua”, as the start of the Christmas festivities in the City. This is also known as on-the-spot Parol/Lantern Making competition.

These events held in the month of December pay homage to the talents of Bigueño in the arts as well as our traditional way of celebrating Christmas. Bigueños show off their creativity and artistry in making lanterns from indigenous materials.

Some of the competitions that have been gradually added are:

  1. The Barangay Christmas Decoration competition in which different barangays creatively design the façade of their barangay halls as they compete for the best Christmas Decoration.
  2. On-the-Spot Christmas Card Making wherein elementary pupils of both public and private schools actively participate.
  3. On-the-Spot Street Painting where students and freelance artists compete for their artistic design on the ground of Plaza Burgos to strengthen and showcase the artistry of the Bigueños.