• Spacious Parking Space.
  • Children age 0-9 are free to stay with a guest. (breakfast and extra bed not included)
  • All rooms has Wi-Fi access, Flat Screen TV with Cable Channels, individually controlled Air Conditioning units, Hot & Cold Shower.
  • Electronic Door Lock System.
  • Coffee and Tea Maker are provided for ALL Rooms.
  • Rates are net and may change without prior notice.
  • Check in time: 2:00PM / Check out time is 12 noon.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the hotel.
  • The hotel has strictly a non-smoking policy. However, there is a designated smoking area.
  • Shuttle services are available from Hotel Veneto to nearby tour destination or to Laoag City and vice versa.


HISTORICAL PHOTOGRAPH of the Hotel during the 17th Century as the Villanueva – Pablo Ancestral House along Calle Washington. Photo was taken during the 18th century:
Hotel Veneto History

This house was built around 1740 and was given to Doña Maria Prudencio by her parents when she got married to Don Miguel de Villanueva on April 20, 1757. Don Miguel de Villanueva was Mayordomo de esta Cathedral de Vigan till his death on May 25, 1820. The house is a two story stone structure referred to as “trespuertas de casa”, meaning –  a house of three doors. The stairs are located inside the house. It used to have elongated azotea, which collapsed several years ago. It was situated northwest, separated from the main house.

This ancestral home was later bequeathed to Don Placido Villanueva and his wife Doña Justa Pichay when they got married on July 01, 1795. From their union came Don Estevan Pichay Villanueva who was born in this house on September 02, 1797. Don Estevan painted the famous 14 frames in oil canvas the Basi Revolt of the North.

He married Doña Petrona Acosta on October 06, 1819. The couple was blessed with 8 children, 2 died at a young age, 5 of them were girls and only the youngest was the boy in the family. The eldest was Josefa, married to Don Estanislao Singson; followed by Leona married to Don Macario Florentino; then Silvestra married to Don Ignacio Pablo; next was Paterya married to Don Petronilo Florentino; then Vicenta married to Don Antonio Ungson; and Leonardo married to Doña Maria Fermo Juan (1st Nuptial) and Doña Juliana Florendo (2nd Nuptial).

When Don Placido Villanueva died on February 18, 1821, Estevan inherited the house. When he died on January 27, 1878, It was bequeathed to his daughter Silvestra Villanueva – Pablo.

In 1909, the house was divided among the Pablo heirs – Antonio Pablo and Margarita Pablo – Nolasco.

In 1920, the property was divided among the heirs of Pablo and Nolasco.

It was acquired by Benedicto Jose P. Verzosa and his wife Ruby Orense – Verzosa. Benedictio Jose or Benjo is the Son of Josefina Pablo Verzosa and heiress of Don Antonio Pablo. In 2011, Benedicto Jose Pablo Verzosa bought the shares of Margarita Pablo- Nolasco. In March 2012 was the start of the construction of Hotel Veneto de Vigan, By March 28,2014, Hotel Veneto de Vigan was inaugurated and opened to the public as Bed and Breakfast Hotel.